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50 credit hours toward nexus 300-hour certification 




2023 Yoga Asana & Anatomy Training:

February 12 - February 18, 2023

For yoga teachers and practitioners alike, this week-long certification will push you to the edges of your physical yoga practice all while deepening your knowledge of the physical and energetic body. Cultivate new anatomical knowledge, fine tune your hands-on enhancement skills, build confidence in your physical asanas and so much more. This week-long certification is a space for you to take time for yourself and experience your yoga like never before. 


Upon graduation you will receive a certification in advanced asana, anatomy and assisting. As a practitioner, this certification shows your commitment towards deepening your physical practice and will serve as a foundation for you to understand the postures in a more robust way. If you are not a yoga teacher, this certification may be applied to other fitness certifications as well as deepening your own practice. 


For existing yoga teachers, this certification qualifies you for 50-hours worth of Yoga Alliance CEUs and is a wonderful step deeper in the physical practice and anatomical understanding of the postures. You will leave this training with more confidence in your understanding of the body and how to apply that with your students to provide them with quality, intentional enhancements in their practice. We are a U.S. Yoga Alliance School. The U.S. Yoga Alliance is recognized internationally.  

In this interactive and robust certification, you will explore every major joint of the body in detail; from a holistic anatomical view, to how you (and your students) may experience this area of the body in your physical yoga practice. We will explore a variety of supportive movement modalities designed to increase range of motion and mobility in order to help you understand your physical body on a deeper level and further aid you in your journey towards more “advanced” asanas. You will also leave with a greater confidence in providing hands-on enhancements for your students by fully understanding the “WHY?” behind your assists.  


You will deepen your understanding of the interconnectedness of the physical body and work through practice-teaching with your fellow students so you will be equipped to take these skills back home to your own practice or to share with your students. Better understanding the physical body helps you, as a teacher, to better support your students in their own physical practice by helping them learn where to personalize their practice for their unique body and lifestyle. 


Because of the unique perspective of each of our students and participants, our curriculum continues to evolve in service to our global community. Our school, and the world, is enriched by the dedicated yoga explorers who we have the honor of hosting here at Nexus Yoga Institute.

Your Week at Nexus Institute

Our curriculum uses a scaffolding approach to support your evolution as an advanced asana practitioner and anatomy student. Upon arrival to the training you’ll receive an orientation of the Nexus grounds and a welcome meal. To properly set up our time together, we’ll begin the week diving into anatomical terms, going over what traditional asana “misses” and how you can weave in a more holistic approach to create a well-balanced practice to serve your unique body and goals. Every day will include some form of practice teaching with your peers to help the content land and to begin making it your own. 


We gradually layer in research based movement techniques to further support your advanced asana goals as well as working through each major joint and area of the body in detail so you receive a well-rounded view from the inside, out and feel confident in your base level understanding of the joints, muscles, bones, etc. of that area of the body. Throughout this practice of education, we will then apply this knowledge by embodying the content during practicing advanced asanas that correspond to that specific portion of the body. Ex: Anatomy Lesson of the hip joint → physical practice of deep flexibility postures and so on. 

Friday is the final practice teach where you will guide a small group in a 30 minute sample class or mini-workshop. We end our time together with a celebratory dinner and graduation ceremony at the beach. We are a U.S. Yoga Alliance School. The U.S. Yoga Alliance is recognized internationally.


Nexus Institute is a Registered Yoga School with the U.S. Yoga Alliance

Our one-week Advanced Asana, Anatomy and Assisting training results in a certification of 50hrs of CEUs for all existing Yoga teachers as well as a certification of completion for all students looking to deepen their personal practice. This certification of completion may be used towards a future Yoga Teacher Training if desired. The Nexus Advanced Asana, Anatomy and Assits Training curriculum includes: 

  • A foundation in basic anatomy: terminology, muscles, bones, joints, planes, etc. 

  • Skills to apply greater knowledge to teach beginner to advanced asanas.

  • A comprehensive dive into all the major joints of the body and how they correlate to yoga and modern-day practitioners.

  • Modules outlining the 6 types of hands-on enhancements and assists to give your students and WHY. 

  • Workshop-style sessions to get personalized attention and support to deepen your physical asana practice and adventure into more advanced asanas if you desire. 

  • Open discussion and facilitated dialogue about what traditional yoga “misses” from a physical practice perspective and how we can explore modern-day funtionality whilst still honoring the lineage of yoga as a whole. 

  • Common holding patterns in your body, those you may notice in your students and WHAT to do about it. 

  • How understanding the body on a deeper anatomical level can help you give better hands-on enhancements and make greater progress in your uniquely “challenging” asanas. 

  • A deeper understanding and connection to yourself, others and nature. 

  • Time to explore and be curious with yourself and your practice like never before. 

  • So much more!!

Daily Schedule

7:30-9:00am Morning Yoga Practice 

9:00-10:00am Breakfast 

10:00am-12:30pm Morning Session 

12:30-2:00pm GF Organic Vegan Lunch and Free Time 

2:00-4:30pm Afternoon Session 

4:30-6:45pm Free Time 

7-8:30pm Evening Session or Group Outing

What's Included

Choice of 6 nights on-site accommodations or commuter option 

Opening Night Welcome Dinner 

Graduation Celebration Dinner 

Fresh tropical fruit Breakfasts 

Optional gourmet Organic, GF and Vegan Lunches 

An immersive experience of communal living and yogic lifestyle

Comprehensive training manual  

Daily discussions on the science of anatomy 

Daily sessions to further personal asana practice 

Daily practicum in applying new knowledge and skills 

Daily Yoga Classes 

Personalized attention and support for advancement of personal practice 

400 steps to miles of sandy beaches, tide pools and surf breaks 

300 steps to restaurants, organic markets, juice bars and boutiques 

50-hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs and/or Certificate of completion in Advanced Asana, Anatomy and Assists

Friendships that will last a lifetime



Nexus Institute's private residence is located a few steps from the Pacific Ocean in beautiful Nosara, Costa Rica. Casa Nexus features an expansive canopy-level vaulted ceiling yoga studio, two kitchens, yoga library, and salt-water pool. You will be within easy walking distance to beaches, tidal pools, shops, markets, and restaurants. Enjoy fresh fruit breakfasts; take part in our catered vegan, gluten free lunch program; explore local restaurants; or build your own tropical meals in two well-equipped kitchens. Experience an authentic slice of Pura Vida in the vibrant international beach community that is Nosara, Costa Rica.

Accommodations Options

Sunday-Saturday 6 Nights

Tuition-only Commuter: $950

Tuition + Dorm Room: $1,550 

Tuition + Double Room: $1,750
Tuition + Private Room: $1,950

Tuition + Private Bungalow: $2,450

Optional Gourmet Vegan Lunch Plan $160

This training is limited to 24 participants. It generally fills two months prior to the start date. Register early to ensure a place. A $500 deposit will hold your spot. We look forward to welcoming you!


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We look forward to welcoming you!

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A 5-Star Yoga Alliance Training School in Nosara, Costa Rica. Get in touch, we're only a click away!

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