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Founder of Ballet Beats®, B.A. Dance, Nexus Institute RYT500, Progressing Ballet Technique®

Kalyn Swihart followed her heart to Nosara and allowed the magic and mystery of Yoga teachings to stir something deep and beautiful inside of her. She developed as a student and teacher while immersed in the Nexus program. To Kalyn, Yoga is a sanctuary, medicine, and self-expression.


She resides in Canada on traditional Blackfoot territory, and no matter where she travels, Kalyn calls her spirit and creates her home. She completed her BA in dance with a major in ballet from the University of Calgary and Alberta Ballet. Kalyn equally values the teachers from around the world who have guided and nurtured her, inspiring her to see beauty, create inclusion, and embody the spirit of dance and yoga.

Her education emphasized both dance and kinesiology which supported the creation of Ballet Beats®, a movement syllabus rooted in the marriage of Classical Ballet technique and fitness. Kalyn’s mission with this program is to break down the ballet barrier - making ballet accessible to all. Ballet Beats® is focused on health, energy and joy. The program is body-positive and come as you are, with a vibrant and accepting community both virtually and in person.

Applying Yoga to Ballet Beats® has up levelled the offerings of meditation through movement and healing through physicality. You will experience these in all of Kalyn’s Yoga and Ballet Beats® classes.

Kalyn’s calling in life is to share her passion for dance and yoga. As a teacher, Kalyn strives to bring people into their bodies, to call students to be present and aware of their vessel which carries them through life. She is her student’s biggest cheerleader and has a special gift of making her students work harder than they think they can and speak to themselves with more kindness. This journey has allowed Kalyn to share her passion, build her community, and pour love and energy into the teachers she trains.


Kalyn is honoured to journey with you at Nexus, discovering your unique and sacred gifts as you step into your calling to be a teacher. She also welcomes you to be embraced by the Ballet Beats® community at her studio, online or at a magical Ballet Beats® Retreat!

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5-Star Yoga Alliance Affiliated Education in Nosara, Costa Rica.

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