• Janel Schullo

What are the Koshas?

Kosha theory is a layered understanding of the self described in the second chapter of the Taittiriya Upanishad. Kosha theory (or Layered Maya theory) teaches that the body consists of three aspects: the physical body, the subtle body, and the casual body. These three bodies are composed of five layers (sheaths). Kosha theory is often used in contemporary yoga practice as a meaning making system. A “Kosha Scan” may be incorporated in a yoga practice to bring awareness to a multi-dimensional sense of self:

1. Annamaya Kosha: Physical Body

Where is your body in space? What physical sensations are present?

2. Pranamaya Kosha: Energy Body, life force, Prana, or Chi

Notice your breathing and energy level. How would you describe it?

3. Manomaya Kosha: Personality Body, beliefs, feelings, identities, ego

Are there thoughts, feelings, or emotions present in this moment? Familiar or new?

4. Vijnanamaya Kosha: Witness Body, discriminative wisdom, awareness of awareness

Notice your ability to witness different layers.

If the witness could give you a message, what might it be?

5. Anandamaya Kosha: Integrated Body, integration, peace, flow state, the zone

What does (or might it) feel like to allow your whole self to be at home right here right now?

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